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Quality Control

our qualified rate is up to  99.5%!
Quality control is strictly carried out in the whole production process from incoming materials/components to finished products. All products have been thoroughly tested before being put into the market. All manufacturing utilizes high quality electronic components and parts, advanced manufacturing techniques, and strict quality management to guarantee the overall quality of all products. 
Our QC system including: Incoming quality control (IQC) Processing quality control (PQC) Final quality control (FQC) Quality assurance control (QAC) Our products also undergo some of the following tests: High and low temperature test, humidity test , aging test , salty water spray test, drop and vibration test. 
Our QC staffs consists of engineers, technicians and production staff with at least 12 month working experiences and fully trained to conduct QC. 
We source our key components from USA, Taiwan area, and local reliable manufacturers. 
As a result,our qualified rate is up to  99.5%!
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